Buy-side commercial due diligence

At Sokrates, we operate at the intersection of technology, data science, and strategy. Our focus is using data science to create value for Private Equity funds and portfolio companies.

In essence, we use data to reduce the transaction risk for Private Equity funds.

Our proprietary platform allows us to use external data and conduct and in-depth, data-rich market analysis early in the M&A process before access to the company data. It provides Private Equity teams with a head-start in the understating of the target and an edge when meeting with the management team.

We use external data such as geospatial data, satellite, public or private databases, online or paper data, diffuse data from many different sources. Our platform allows us to create relevant data sets where there was no consistent data before.

Later in the process, when internal company data becomes available, we will match it against our external analysis. The objective is to create a realistic, empirical, and data-driven model. The model will carry high predictive value for the future market and company performance. High predictive value directly translates into lower transaction risk for the Private Equity Funds.